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Eating fruits with chaat masala or salt is dangerous! It becomes poison when it enters the stomach.

Eating fruits gives a lot of benefits to health. By eating fruits, the body gets nutrients like vitamins, iron and fiber. Not only this, it also increases the immunity of our body. At the same time, it also strengthens metabolism. However, if you are also addicted to eating salt in fruits salad or salt with fruits, then stop it immediately. Eating fruits with salt or chaat masala tastes good but it is very harmful for the body. This will not even benefit your body. That’s why don’t eat fruits mixed with salt, otherwise many diseases will get free feast. 

Disadvantages of sprinkling salt on fruits

On fruits By sprinkling salt, their nutrients get destroyed. Also, if you do this often, you may also suffer from kidney related diseases. p>

If you have the problem of high blood pressure, never make the mistake of eating fruits mixed with salt. Doing this can increase your blood pressure.

Heart patients should also not eat salt along with fruits. As soon as salt is put on the fruit, water starts coming out. Due to which the nutrition of fruits is reduced.

How to eat fruits:

While eating fruits, keep in mind that you eat only one fruit at a time. Eat.

If you like to eat fruit chaat, then make a salad of sweet or sour fruits.

Sour and sweet fruit salad should not be eaten together.

Fruits should be eaten within an hour of cutting.

Fruits stored for a long time also lose their nutrients.

Disclaimer : Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or related expert. 

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