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Eating ice cream to beat the heat? Know its side effects once

Icecream SideEffects: There is no doubt that eating ice cream is the best option to get relief from the heat in the summer season. Often children and even adults eat ice cream when they feel the heat. Some people like ice cream so much that they eat 2  to 3  Let’s eat ice cream. But do you know that consuming more ice cream can spoil your health. If you also eat 3 to 4 ice creams in a day then you need to be careful. Because this can affect your immunity and many types of diseases can surround you. Let us know what are the disadvantages of eating too much ice cream.

Disadvantages of eating too much ice cream

1.If you If you are eating more ice cream everyday then it can increase your obesity. The amount of sugar and calories is high, which can increase body fat and this can lead to weight gain.

2.Eating more ice cream can also cause diabetes. The amount of sugar in ice cream is very high, which can increase your blood sugar level. Diabetes patients should consume ice cream in limited quantity.

3.Ice cream is high in fat which takes longer time to digest, due to which you feel lethargic and tired. Could. Apart from this, there is also the problem of bloating and indigestion. Aa

4.Ice cream contains saturated fat and sugar which can reduce memory power. This can lead to forgetfulness or memory loss.

5.Ice cream contains saturated fat which increases triglyceride and cholesterol levels, so if three to four cups a day If you eat ice cream then you increase the risk of heart disease.

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6.Eating ice cream can also weaken your immunity. Sore throat and cough become the problem of cold after eating ice cream.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or a related expert.
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