Eating in Bed? Here is Why You Should Stop This Practice Right Away

Eating in bed is a common yet sedentary practice. It ,ight give the temporary comfort but it also entails certain health risks too.

Eating in Bed? Here is Why You Should Stop This Practice Right Away (Freepik)

Who does not like to have the comfort of their bed? Are you someone who too enjoys eating in thir bed? A snack or two and maybe full meals too. While it sure is comfortable and easy it entails certain health concerns as well.

At the surface level, it might not look like that eating in bed can be harmful. While it is important to check what we eat, how and where we eat is also important. Here are a few health risks that come when you eat in bed for a prolonged time every day.


  • Indigestion: digestive woes are the most common and major health risk that one may when eating everyday in bed. Eating lying down in bed or sitting in slouchy positions affects digestion. It may cause indigestion, acid reflux etc. It is important to sit on a chair upright and eat as it promotes gut health.
  • No Portion Control: Often when we eat in bed, we are either watching something on TV or streaming something online. sometimes it is also because of the strict work-from-home issues. In such a situation, the mind remains distracted and a person either overeats or undereats. Therefore, it disrupts the portion size of your meal. This may take a toll on your body in the long run.
  • Disturbed Sleep Cycle: Stains and mess are synonymous with eating in bed. Spilling food can happen to anyone. Crumbs of food may spread unevenly and all over the bed where you also have to sleep. This hampers a sound sleeping environment. Experts recommend that one must have a clean surrounding when going to sleep to get a restful and good quality sleep.
  • Allergic Reactions: Eating in unhygienic surroundings can contaminate the food we eat and further lead to allergic reactions or more.
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Maintaining hygiene in the room and having proper clean eating habits also impacts both our physical and mental health. Most of us here might be guilty of harbouring this practise, while once in a while is okay, but making it a habit is not. This sedentary lifestyle further open gates to a myriad of health problems that we probably might even think about. Therefore, it is always better to eat on a table and chair in an upright posture. It will help with better digestive process. A clean room will also aid in facilitating a good quality sleep.

When any of these area are hindered, it leads to a chain reaction of health risks. There it is also better to safe than sorry!



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