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Embarrassed in front of the children, this mother reduced her weight by 61 kg, made it possible with this diet

Fat To Fit: Today every second person is troubled by the problem of obesity. Many people are surrounded by serious diseases due to obesity, while many become victims of embarrassment due to increasing weight. But what if you have to feel ashamed in front of your children due to increasing weight. Something similar happened with Sarah of America. Sara, 25, used to take 3000 calories every day, due to which her weight became 114 kg. To reduce this weight, he had to struggle a lot. From gym to strict diet to surgery, Sara has taken that  Follow all the ways so that they can lose weight.  It may be a bit difficult for a common man to do this, but when there is talk between mother and children, then the mother does anything for the children. Sara’s  The weight loss journey that started from 114 kg has now reached 53 kg. Due to obesity, Sarah was feeling embarrassed in front of her children, after which she reduced her weight by 61 kg. You too will not be able to live without saying Wow after seeing Sara’s transformation.
 America Ki Sara’s Transformation Will Surprise You
 25-year-old Sarah Lockett, who lives in Washington, USA, has shared her transformation journey on Instagram. Not only will you be motivated by watching this weight loss journey, but you will also get an idea that if you have the willpower then it is not difficult to do anything. Physical coach and digital content creator Sara tells that some time ago she used to be so fat that people used to look at her with strange eyes. According to him, his weight had reached 114 kg. She was definitely troubled by the increasing weight  But she was unable to do anything about him. But one day Sara had to face embarrassment in front of her children because of her obesity. Actually she had gone to the park with her two children and husband. In that park, the children insisted to walk inside the closed slide, after which Sara went inside it but it became difficult for her to get out, because she got stuck inside.  After a lot of effort, her husband pulled her out. that  The situation was very embarrassing for Sara because this time she had two small children in front of her. After this incident Sara decided to lose weight.
 Made gym and strict diet a part of my life 
 In September 2021, Sara underwent gastric sleeve surgery. After this he started following gym, walk and strict diet plan. While doing this, Sara has reduced her weight by 61 kg. The fat spread all over her body is gone and now she has become the queen of perfect figure. 

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A post shared by Sara Lockett 🧚🏼 VSG • Fitness • Fashion Inspo (@sculptingsara)

 This is Sara’s diet
According to Sara, her weight started increasing after pregnancy, then it kept increasing  In such a situation, fast food and chicken were his weakness. As soon as he included these two things in his diet, his daily calories became 3000. After deciding to lose weight, controlling the diet, he made the difficult task easy. Now Sara takes eggs, beans, spinach and green vegetables in her breakfast. For lunch, she takes boiled vegetables, chicken and some rice. Along with this, she has also made hard exercise a part of her routine. 
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