Emerging coach Kalpage critical of fitness test

By Pranavesh Sivakumar


Points of view):

The new appointee for the emerging squad, Ruwan Kalpage, was tough on the strict fitness test, stating and criticizing that he doesn’t like the modus operandi of this fitness test thing.

“I don’t like the way they handle the fitness test. When I have a designated coach for me, my coach should be running the gym, not someone else running for my guys,” he said. sunday times yesterday.

He was of the stance, too many cooks are spoiling the soup, considering there should only be designated coaches for each of the national teams, running it.

“The fitness test for my team must be done by me and my coach (Gayan Weerarathna). And I submit to my authority, Tim McCaskill. The selectors take that report and take a call. Those are the guidelines,” he said of the way it should be run.

“I don’t want anyone else doing the fitness test for my team,” he stated firmly.

Kalpage continued when given a coach, his coach should be in charge of it on the track provided.

Shedding light on his goal of taking charge of the team for the first time, he also said that the players chosen for the newly formed emerging team will be managed and trained with the aim of being promoted to the national team.

“I know people (fans) are frustrated here in Sri Lanka, because of the current rankings, no. 7 (test), no. 8 (one day) and nº10 (T20). I have the opportunity to impart knowledge to the next level of cricketers. I have taken it as a positive note to make a change,” added Kalpage, 52.

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However, it is only for the first time that Kalpage has been entrusted with emerging, having originally applied to become the national head coach. After being rejected for that, he approached her and offered her this.

“They wanted to see a local person come in to manage the next generation of national cricketers. They have taken my position as a very important role in developing the cricketers and developing the setup of the coaches,” he self-assessed on his role.

“But in Sri Lanka, it’s my country and I don’t think anyone can teach me how to play cricket here in my country, although there are still some people trying to do it by bringing international experience,” Kalpage said.

“While they have only worked for one or two years and are trying to teach us how it should work. I’ve played and trained enough and I know where I stand and which way I have to take it.”

The former national cricketer stated that he accepted the offer with a mission to develop the next generation of cricketers, which is lacking at the moment.

Having joined in 2001, he has been part of multiple units in multiple capacities in his years association with Sri Lanka Cricket however; it was an intermittent trip with his local team. In between, he also served in Oman and Bangladesh, despite the latter being fired for failing to show up.

He said players should be presented with the best environment and free mind to perform and that would be his responsibility as head coach.

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“I don’t have any big plans. My intention is to train the senior team, that’s my dream. I have played at the top level, I have coached five world cups. On this tour, since the UK hasn’t issued a tour guide, they’ve gone all the way up to U25. So we have chosen players from U25. They are the next generation of Sri Lankan cricketers very soon. I have made it clear to the selectors that I would like to work with them for the next 12 to 18 months.”

From the existing group of 25 members, it will be reduced to 18 members, based on the physical fitness test.

The emerging team’s first assignment, consisting of three four-day matches and as many T20s against England, will begin in early May. Visitors would take wings on Sunday (1).

The switch-hitting Kamindu Mendis, the winning captain of four days of the National Super League, would lead the team.

Kalpage, in addition to his main roles, would also be juggling spinning and fielding roles, as he was originally a spinning specialist when performing for local and foreign teams.

Malinda Warnapura would be the hitting coach. Chamila Gamage would be responsible for fast bowling, while Vinothan John would be the manager. However, however, all this coaching staff excluding him, it would only be for this one-off English tour, Kalpage revealed.

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