Even after recovering from a heart attack, the body does not recover completely, such problems arise

Heart Health Risk: A healthy heart is a great need for a healthy body, but after the Corona period, a weak heart has become a major threat to people’s health. Clots in blood vessels cause heart attack and it does not take long to become fatal. Corona epidemic has increased the number of heart patients significantly. Earlier only older people used to come under the attack of heart attack, but now fit people of young age are also becoming victims of heart attack.

Health experts say that during a heart attack, getting CPR at the right time and getting the right treatment can save the patient’s life. But this does not mean that after treatment the heart patient becomes completely healthy. Despite avoiding heart attack and proper treatment, the body does not become completely healthy. After the treatment of heart attack, there are many complications in the patient’s body for several days, which are very difficult to deal with.

Heart muscles can become weak

The patient’s heart muscles remain weak for a long time after recovering from a heart attack. Due to lack of nutrition and lack of blood supply to the muscles, the heartbeat remains irregular for a long time. In such a situation, the muscles of the heart are always in danger due to their weakness.

Mental health also has an effect

After a heart attack, there is a significant impact on the mental health of the patient. Health experts have given it the name of brain ageing. After a heart attack, the age of the patient’s brain increases and this has a bad effect on the ability to think, focus, and remember.

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effect on longevity

After a heart attack, the life expectancy of the patient is less and the life expectancy decreases by about ten percent. That is, if that person lived a life of 90 years if he was healthy, then after a heart attack, his years of survival decrease by ten percent. Although it is not only due to heart attack, many other health related factors play a role in this.

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