Eye Care Tips: Ways to Protect Your Eyesight From Increased Screen Time

We are all guilty of absorbing an unhealthy amount of screen time and not taking enough care of our eyes. But with a few lifestyle adjustments we can go some way to mitigating eyestrain.

Eye Care Tips: 5 Ways to Protect Your Vision from Increased Screen Time

How much screen time is too much screen time? Well, honestly considering the advent of the digital age and how we have a variety of things transitioning to online mode, screen time has increased exponentially from kids, teens to adults alike. For some, shying away isn’t really an option. These days, people also have to stare at the screen for nine or ten hours straight depending on the demands of work. However, it does take a toll on eye health.

It is quite ironic to note that we have forced screen time due to work, but we often allow ourselves to spend more screen time by scrolling on Insta feed, Twitter or OTT platforms as a way to unwind from work.

Eye strain: 5 ways to take care of your eyes

20 by 20 rule

Sometimes while staring at the screen for continuous hours, we need to take a break. The 20-20-20 rule says that you can take a 20-second break almost every 20 minutes and look somewhere other than the screen. And it’s best if that new gazing point is nearly 20 feet away. This will help reduce eye strain a bit.

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Blink (for real)

When we are staring at the screen or engrossed in reading something, we tend not to blink frequently. Blinking at regular intervals helps maintain an optimal level of moisture in the eyes.


Well-lit rooms are of the utmost importance, whether it’s for reading time or screen time. This is something we hear from childhood: well-lit rooms are important for the eyes. These days so many of us are guilty of getting out from under the covers or working in dimly lit areas, we need to stop. Let’s not put any more strain on our already strained eye sockets. The blue lights of the screens affect more with low ambient light.

How about a little screen glare control?

If you wear glasses, anti-glare ones are recommended. Configure the settings of your devices and adjust the light emitted by the screens. Don’t keep the font size too small. Adjust the screen color and brightness according to the light area you are in.


Maintaining a decent distance between the eyes and the screens is paramount. One of the most common health problems that can develop due to working without optimal screen distance is called computer vision syndrome, or digital eye strain.

Release Date: Mar 5, 2023 1:45pm IST

Date Updated: Mar 5 2023 2:09 pm IST

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