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Follow these remedies for dizziness, you will get immediate relief. – GoMedia



Vertigo and dizziness are common, but the excess of this problem causes a lot of trouble. In a way, it is believed that such problems occur due to weakness in the body. The biggest reason behind this is the lack of proper blood circulation in the brain. Sudden recurrent dizziness and vertigo should not be ignored. If a person has this problem again and again, then he Be sure to consult a doctor.


In case of dizziness and vertigo, change your lifestyle, others can chant the reason behind it. Apart from this, people who live under more stress also have more complaints about this. most dizziness low blood sugar or blood pressure They come because of being less. Dizziness can occur due to excessive fatigue and lack of water in the body during summer.

The following are the reasons for vertigo and dizziness –

  • anemia

  • ear infection
  • eye problems
  • migraine to have a problem
  • head injury
  • anxiety problem of

  • due to neurological disorders
  • exercising too much
  • in the body hormones rapid change of
  • due to dehydration
  • due to loose motion
  • Too much stress being a
  • in case of emotional trauma
  • motion sickness
  • weakness and low BP Apart from this, due to all these reasons, there can be a problem of dizziness.

What are the home remedies for dizziness?

Lemon: Consuming lemon is very beneficial in case of dizziness. Consuming lemon reduces the problem of nausea and vomiting and also reduces the condition of dizziness. This can also be a home remedy for vertigo.

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Gooseberry: Dizziness Amla has been used for a long time to make Unani and Ayurvedic medicines as a medicine. Applying the pulp of amla fruit on the head can reduce the problem of headache and dizziness.

Almond: Almonds rich in nutritious elements are considered the best dry fruits. The amount of vitamin-B6 is found in almonds, and the consumption of vitamin-B6 reduces the chances of problems like dizziness and vertigo.

basil: Tulsi has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. To cure the problem of dizziness, taking extracts of basil plant is very beneficial and the properties found in basil reduce the problem of dizziness to some extent.

Mint: In case of vertigo and dizziness, make tea of ​​mint leaves and consume it. You will also get relief from nausea and nervousness along with vertigo.

Dry Coriander: Dried coriander is an age-old remedy for anxiety, dizziness and nausea. This is a recipe for getting relief from the problem of dizziness by removing physical weakness.

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