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ankur jainFormer Chief Product Officer at BharatPe, he ventured into the fields of AI and healthcare after leaving the fintech giant last year. Along with GV Sanjay Reddy, Chairman of Reddy Ventures, Jain co-founded Jivi.aimarking his second venture. Jain’s expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning fueled the creation of a pioneering company aimed at transforming primary healthcare on a global scale. Foundation was founded in January 2024 by Ankur Jain. Within a few months, the startup introduced its initial model, Jivi MedX, which outperformed well-known models such as Google’s Med-PaLM 2 and OpenAI’s GPT-4 in the Open Medical LLM rankings. This achievement set a high standard for the company and demonstrated its potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Jivi MedX and future models

Jivi MedX is just the start of a series of healthcare-focused models the company plans to launch. Jain revealed plans for a “model suite,” which includes specialized models for various medical fields, such as diabetes and ophthalmology. Next on the list is a vision model, part of a multimodal MedX suite.

Ankur Jain’s vision for global health

Jain’s ambition with is to develop an accessible AI medical assistant for the entire global population, free of charge. While AI is making progress in areas such as drug discovery and genomics, is focused on primary healthcare, aiming to provide comprehensive support to both end-users and medical professionals.

  7 Health Benefits of Cycling in Diabetes Management is more than just a chatbot’s AI-powered medical assistant is designed to be more than just a chatbot. It will incorporate voice capabilities, allowing users to communicate with the model in their native languages. The goal is to support 25 percent of the world’s most widely spoken languages, which covers about 90 percent of the global population. Jain anticipates voice capabilities will become commonplace in the next six months, which will improve the model’s usability.

Navigating regulatory challenges

Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries and Jain is fully aware of the regulatory challenges that come with incorporating AI. adheres to standards like ISO 42,001 and is compliant with changing regulations both in India and globally. Jain believes that regulatory frameworks will ensure that only serious players enter the market, ultimately benefiting consumers with high-quality products.

Jivi MedX powered by Llama 3

Jivi MedX leverages the Llama 3 model, with parameters ranging from 8 billion to 70 billion. The startup initially tested existing models like Mistral and Llama 2, but none met the accuracy requirements for medical applications. After extensive experimentation, settled on Likelihood Ratio Preference Optimization (ORPO), and conducted around 150 experiments to achieve the desired accuracy. Currently, Jivi MedX boasts an average score of 91.65 percent across nine benchmark categories, and is working to reach 95 percent.

Development team and process

Despite being an AI startup, Jain’s first hire was a doctor. Nearly 40 percent of’s 24-member team is comprised of medical professionals. This collaborative approach ensures that models are rigorously evaluated and refined based on feedback from the medical community. Jain stressed the importance of involving doctors from the beginning to create a reliable and effective product.

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Data and continuous improvement trains its models using domain-specific data obtained from data mining the web, medical journals, research articles, and clinical notes. This comprehensive knowledge base is continuously updated to incorporate new developments in medical research. The company aims to incorporate new data every week to keep the models up-to-date and accurate.

Monetization strategy

While creating an advanced AI model is a significant achievement, monetizing it presents its own challenges. plans to offer its product to general consumers for free while developing a B2B segment. Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance providers can integrate Jivi’s product into their services as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering. Additionally, plans to generate revenue through premium services and cross-selling opportunities, such as connecting users to diagnostic services and selling medical devices.

  • Published on Jul 5, 2024 at 06:18 IST

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