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Fungal infection is a very dangerous skin problem for the skin. The risk of fungal infection is higher during the monsoon season. A fungal infection can occur if the skin remains moist for a long time. The risk of this problem is highest during the months of July and August.


This is a very common problem. Fungal infection is caused by a bacteria called fungus, which spreads several times faster during monsoon. It usually spreads to parts of the body, for example above the toes, between them or in areas where a bacterial or fungal infection occurs quickly.


Often, people ignore their skin after getting drenched by light rain during the monsoon, allowing it to remain damp. But this little negligence sometimes becomes the cause of a fungal infection.




Types of fungal infections




athlete’s foot



a fungus Infection who usually Feet Starts between the fingers.




candidiasis of the skin



This type of infection is also called a yeast infection. This infection generally occurs on the skin, intestines And Vagina Affected.







Ringworm is the most common skin infection. A very contagious fungal infection of the skin or scalp. Ringworm is usually scaly and Red And it can be itchy. ringworm of the scalp children It is common in the United States, where it can cause bald patches. Ringworm is spread by skin-to-skin contact or contact with an infected animal or object.




nail fungus



Toenail fungus is a common condition that begins with white or yellow spots under the fingernails or toenails. As the fungal infection worsens, toenail fungus causes discoloration and thickening of your nail. This can affect multiple nails.

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thrush in the mouth



It is also called oral candidiasis or oral thrush. this infection Languagethe palace or mouth This happens in the internal parts.





Symptoms of a fungal infection




  • crust on the skin


  • itchy foot


  • yellowing of nails


  • To become fat


  • Rashes


  • itchy skin


  • have skin rashes


  • Cracked skin




Due to fungal infection




  • Side effects of antibiotics.




  • pollution.


  • This happens due to a lack of blood circulation.


  • When fungal spores come into contact with the skin.


  • During the monsoon, if the skin remains damp for too long, fungal infections can occur.






Prevention and precautions against fungal infections




  • OUR Head Should be kept dry.


  • If you don’t dry your hair properly after getting wet in the rain, then hairy Brings in moisture. This is the cause of a fungal infection.


  • Antifungal and Anti to prevent fungal infections bacterial Use powder.


  • Avoid foods that are too fatty.


  • After bathing to reduce fungal infections Body Dry immediately with a dry towel.


  • Try to keep the body dry.


  • Wash hair thoroughly twice a week.


  • To avoid fungal infections during monsoon, choose the right product and use it.


  • Use an antibacterial soap for the skin. Use more plant-based products.
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Fungal infection test




The diagnosis of a fungal infection depends mainly on skin examination. To check this, the following tests can be performed such as –


  • blood test,


  • x-ray,


  • CT scan,


  • MRI.




Treatment of fungal infection




The main basis of its treatment is antifungal drugs, such as:


  • Antifungal cream.


  • Ointment or paste.


  • Lotions applied to the skin.




Tips to Get Rid of a Fungal Infection




olive leaves


Olive leaves are very useful in eliminating fungal infections. First, grind 5-6 leaves and make a paste. After that, apply it on the infected areas and wash off after 30 minutes.




Aloe vera gel


This will give you relief from burning, itching and rashes. Apply aloe vera gel on the infected area and leave it lukewarm after some time. Water Wash with it. By doing this, you will soon get relief from the infection.





white cheese


In this acid Which kills harmful bacteria. Curd is also very beneficial against fungal infections. Apply curd using cotton on the infected area and wash it after some time. Remember to never touch the infected area with your hands as this infection is contagious.







It is full of antifungal properties. Make a paste of 3-4 garlic cloves and apply it on the infected area. Applying garlic may cause a slight burning sensation for a minute, but it gradually eliminates fungal infections.

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It has antifungal properties. Grind raw turmeric and apply it on the infected area for 30 minutes. This will bring considerable improvement in the fungal infection.



Apple vinegar



If you have a fungal infection problem, mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of warm water and drink it. By consuming it, it will help eliminate the fungal infection by eliminating harmful bacteria present in your blood.


Symptoms of a fungal infection appear in the form of itchy skin, itchy feet, yellowing of the nails, thickening, formation of red rashes, small boils, pimples or blisters. sticky layer. If you notice such symptoms, seek help from a doctor immediately and get checked out.



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