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Garam Masala is the secret of taste and aromatic taste, know its tremendous benefits

India is known worldwide for its spicy and aromatic food. Natural spices are used to enhance the taste of Indian food. Every spice present in the kitchen is considered good for health, but garam masala plays an important role. ‘Garam Masala’, considered the queen of spices, is not just a name, but an emotion to make Indian food more delicious. Garam masala is very important for taste and aroma in Indian kitchen. This masala, which is a mixture of many spicy spices, is essentially used in the Indian kitchen. This spice not only makes the food tasty, but also gives better color, aroma and nutrition to the food. Indian food is incomplete without this spice. 

Garam Masala has made its place in every kitchen of India. There are many main ingredients in garam masala, such as coriander, cumin, turmeric, red chili, garam masala etc. It is used in  dal, vegetables, rice, pulao, khichdi, tikka, biryani, sambar, rasala, vegetable curry, chaat, pakoras and many more. This spice helps in making the food different and tasty. The mixture of spices present in Garam Masala produces an attractive aroma, which makes the food even more attractive. Apart from being helpful in weight loss, garam masala is very beneficial for removing the problem of bad breath. The properties of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins found in hot spices are considered very good for health. 

Benefits of hot spices

1. Improves digestion

Intake of spices found in garam masala improves your digestion and makes the process of eating easier. The properties of fiber are found in garam masala, which makes food more digestible and the benefits of food can be fully enjoyed.

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2. Provides energy to the body

The spices found in garam masala burn rapidly, due to which the body gets energy. It makes you agile and strong and helps in day to day routine.

3. Contains natural antioxidants

Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are effective elements in the spices found in garam masala. The antioxidants present in them help the body fight against diseases and the vitamins and minerals promote the health of the body.

4. Strengthens the immune system

The spices found in garam masala make your immune system strong. It is also helpful in curing other diseases. It is common to have a cold due to change in weather, but it is not necessary to take medicine every time, in this case you can use hot spices to cure it.

5. Effective in weight loss too

Garam masala helps in reducing weight because garam masala is hot and it increases sweating in the body. Sweating is a process that helps burn excess fat in the body, thereby reducing body fat.

6. Prevents diabetes

The presence of nutmeg and clove in hot spices helps in the prevention of diabetes. This spice is a very useful spice for people with type 2 diabetes.

7. protects the skin

Helps reduce dark spots on the face and dark circles under the eyes. If a person regularly adds garam masala to their diet, it reduces old skin cells and dryness of the skin.

use of hot spices

Cloves are found in abundance in garam masala, which helps in keeping teeth clean and gums strong. This can reduce the bad breath and toothache. Garam Masala is rich in Omega 6. Garam masala also helps in curbing loss of appetite. Garam masala also contains cinnamon which is an important source of fiber and also helps restore digestive enzymes. 

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