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London / New Delhi, the mother of all data security breaches Irish Council for Civil Liberties The ICCL made the disclosure on Monday Google And other Internet giants are processing and passing on people’s data billions of times a day Real-time bidding (RTB) system for tracking and ad targeting.

Real-time bidding (RTB) works behind the scenes on websites and apps. It tracks what you’re looking at, no matter how private or sensitive it is, and records where you go.

Every day, it constantly transmits this data about you to many companies, enabling them to create your profile.

“RTB is by far the biggest data breach. It tracks and shares what people see online and their real world location 294 billion times in the US and 197 billion times daily in Europe,” the Irish watchdog said. Said in the report.

The private data of Europeans and US Internet users is then sent to companies around the world, including Russia and China, without any means of controlling what is done with the data.

“The RTB industry generated $ 117 + billion in the US and Europe in 2021,” ICCL said.

On average, a person in the U.S. is exposed to their online activity and location 747 times a day by the RTB industry.

In Europe, RTB exposes people’s data 376 times a day.

Collectively, the ICCL estimates that the online behavior and locations of US Internet users are tracked and shared 107 trillion times a year, while Europeans’ data is leaked 71 trillion times a year.

However, the report states that the figures presented for the RTB broadcast are underestimated.

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“The industry statistics we rely on do not include Facebook or Amazon RTB Broadcast,” he adds.

According to the report, Google allows 4,698 companies to receive RTB data about people in the US, while Microsoft Can send data to 1,647 companies.

“Google is the largest RTB company. It tracks and shares what people in the US and Europe do online and where they are,” the report notes.

The main concern is that ad tracking may reveal personal data that can be used to identify women and those seeking pregnant and / or those seeking abortion services.

“Most ads on websites and apps are placed using RTB. Advertisers spend $ 100 billion annually on RTB in the US and Europe,” the report said.

Google and Microsoft have not yet commented on the ICCL report.


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