Govt Extends Maternity Leave, Includes Dads

In an important move, the Central Government has introduced amendments to the Central Civil Service (Leave) Rules, 1972, granting extended maternity leave benefits to civil servants opting for surrogacy. This progressive step aims to support both surrogate mothers and commission mothers during the Birth process (1 Reliable source
Central Civil Service (Leave) Rules, 1972

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Amendment details

According to the new provisions, public employees who opt for surrogacy can now benefit from up to six months or 180 days maternity leave. This extension marks a departure from previous regulations, which did not specifically address maternity leave for such circumstances.

Interestingly, the amended rules also benefit male public employees who are commissioned fathers, providing them with 15 days of paternity leave. This recognizes your role and supports your participation during the initial stages of paternity.

In addition, current rules allow female civil servants and single male civil servants to take leave to care for their children for up to 730 days during their term. This leave can be used to care for and meet the needs of your two oldest surviving children, including things such as education and healthcare.

These amendments reflect a proactive approach by the government to address the changing needs of its employees, ensuring equitable support for people participating in surrogacy arrangements. By recognizing the diversity of family dynamics and responsibilities, these expanded leave benefits contribute significantly to improving work-life balance and employee well-being across all government sectors.

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This revised policy not only addresses the immediate requirements of foster and commissioned parents, but also underlines the government’s commitment to inclusion and progressive working practices.


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