Growing your hair naturally takes commitment, discipline, tender loving care and patience

How many times have you cut your hair too short? To make you feel bad, did your hairstylist advise you to keep your hair short anyway because it was dry, a little frizzy, and split ends? As for me, I felt my confidence being thrown out the window. And it was all the more frustrating when I had a special dinner date or function to go to.

Then I felt very bad when I realized that my hair was falling like 30-40 almost every day.

In my case, out of desperation and thinking that I was going bald, I found myself resorting to expensive salon treatments and using chemically induced hair treatment products on my hair. All these products were not suitable for my scalp and made my scalp condition worse. Even after paying hundreds of dollars, I ended up with an irritated scalp and short hair to style and flick.

I looked up a lot of information and talked to some friends and relatives. I began to explore the variety of natural ingredients I could use on my scalp and hair. I also explored some massage techniques.

What I want to share here is that I have found during my travels that to save it in its crowning glory, it was not enough to find and use the right techniques and the right natural ingredients. Reaching my goal required consistent commitment, discipline, gentle loving care of my scalp and hair, as well as patience. I wanted long, healthy, luscious and good looking hair.


How healthy and great looking long luscious hair do you want without resorting to expensive chemically induced solutions? Would you commit to almost two years of constantly going through all the trial and error to find the perfect blend of natural ‘recipes’ for your unique hair type? Are you committed to using this recipe every day? What if you are a busy working woman or mother?

Then for best results, would you commit to writing some notes at each stage to monitor your results? Or if you know how you’re living, what you’re eating or drinking is negatively impacting the health of your scalp and hair, are you determined to make changes to your lifestyle and diet? committed to?

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I spent almost two years trying to find and use the right scalp massaging techniques, supplemented with mixing and matching some natural ingredients to make my hair grow at double the speed.


You need to discipline yourself to maintain a consistent schedule or routine for taking care of your scalp and hair. Can you get up 30-45 minutes earlier every morning and do a light oil massage on your scalp? You will then need to allot time to shampoo, rinse and allow your hair to dry naturally?

I’m a busy working mom with two bubbly kids. So to be more organized, every night before I go to sleep, I keep my hair care items like my hair band, honey, a special type of oil, my hair towel, my comb and hairbrush all neatly on my dressing table. I settle on or below. My bathroom mirror, ready for the next morning when I wake up.

It will also help you better plan ahead and prepare what you want to wear to work the next day. Keep all these arranged in the same convenient place every night before sleeping. This saves time and is less stressful in the morning, which actually indirectly helps revitalize the condition of your scalp.

You should then only need to use the ingredients or recipes once every two or three weeks, depending on the results and your hair type. Hence, you need to take some notes to keep track.

To be honest, it’s better to keep records to really know what works and what doesn’t work for your unique hair type. Otherwise, you may end up wasting precious time and effort, still not getting the best remedy or recipe for your scalp and hair.

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Then, throughout the day, after your hair has probably been exposed to air-conditioners, smoke, sunlight, heat, cold air, wind or dry air, hair styling chemicals and gadgets, it is important to give your hair a rest. A rejuvenating massage and spa for tired scalp and hair at the end of a long day. Yes, even if you are tired from a long day’s work or have come back late after a party.

And if you have stuff like hair gel in your hair, you need to remove it gently so that your hair and scalp can breathe. You can actually massage your head while you are in the shower and while you are in the tub. Take your time, allow yourself and your hair to rest and relax. it feels great!

tender loving care

love your hair! Treat your hair with gentle loving care. Your hair is fragile, breaking and splitting easily. After being burned and blown out by your hair dryer, your hair cries out for moisture to be restored back to life. Please avoid combing or brushing your hair when it is wet – this is the most delicate stage of your hair.

In fact, comb or brush your hair before it’s wet or washed to reduce tangles and knots. It’s better to gently detangle any knots when your hair is dry, than when it’s wet and brittle.

Be gentle with your hair. Stop pulling your hair hard, especially when you are styling your hair. Invest in getting and using the right hair tools and natural hair products that don’t harm your hair or scalp.

Trim your hair regularly to keep it looking healthy and cut out split ends. And even if you have to trim it short to remove split ends, it’s best for your hair until it’s ‘healed’. You can then grow your hair back healthily to the length you want.

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Especially when styling your hair, avoid applying or spraying too many hair styling products that are chemically induced in your hair. Such products are harmful for your scalp and hair. And if you use them, you must remove them at the end of the day. Leaving them out overnight can suffocate and clog your scalp and is bad for your hair.

Although I mix and match 23 natural ingredients or recipes, I never use two recipes at the same time or within the same two weeks. I rotate according to a plan or schedule, based on progress or how my scalp and hair react to the recipe or ingredient.

Like most remedies or treatments or even supplements and vitamins, using or consuming too much of a good thing can be bad for us and our health. The same applies to your scalp and hair as well.


Last but not least, be patient! It speaks for itself. Your scalp needs time to rejuvenate and your hair needs time to grow. But how fast or slowly you see results depends a lot on how careful you are in doing this complete hair care routine every day.

As I discovered, knowing the secret tips, ingredients, recipes, and wonders got me nowhere great. Knowing and doing The Secret Miracles combined with commitment, discipline, tender loving care and patience will give you wonderful and fabulous long lasting results.

Remember, this journey takes time and effort. During your trials and errors, whenever you feel frustrated, tired or exhausted, take a break, breathe. Visiting my website may help you. And in my ‘Hair Accelerator System’ you will notice that I have taken out a lot of the guesswork to make it easier for those of you who want to try these recipes or remedies.

Source by Cindy Loke

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