Grows in women too but why is Adams apple visible only in men?

The ball-like thing that we often see in the throat is called Adam’s Apple or in scientific language it is called Laryngeal Prominence and Larynx. Which is a vocal system. The larynx, also known as the voice box, is found in the front part of the throat.

While eating, drinking or speaking, there is movement on the neck which can be easily seen. This voice box gives you your unique voice. During puberty, when other parts of the body grow, the voice box also grows. As it gets bigger, it starts appearing in the front part of the throat in a ball-like shape and this ball-like shape is called Adam’s Apple. 

Is Adam’s Apple only found in men?

Many people have the misconception that Adams Apple is found only in men and not in women, but it is not so. Male or female voice box is there in both and in both the voice box increases during puberty. Although the voice box does not grow as much in women as compared to men, perhaps because of this reason it is called Adam’s apple, because it is found exclusively in men.

Due to the growing voice box, the voice of men starts getting deeper. Many changes in the voice of boys during puberty can also cause cracking. When your voice breaks and it sounds like a crack or a scream, remember it is because of a change in your Adams apple. The Adams Apple will grow to its full potential, as it should. Girls also have deep voices but less than boys. 

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Why is it called Adams Apple?

There is a story behind calling it Adam’s Apple which is as follows – The connection of saying Adam’s Apple is from the garden of Adam and Eve. There were many apple trees in his garden. It is said that there was a fruit in the apple tree in the garden which was not eaten. Adam had eaten the same fruit and that fruit got stuck in his throat. Due to this incident, it was named Adam’s Apples. Some people think of an Adams apple as a round apple. 

Why is it bigger in some people?

If the Adams apple is larger than the normal size, then the reason may be tissue. This happens when more tissue develops around the Adam’s apple. If the Adam’s Apple is larger than the normal size, then it can be reduced with the help of surgery. In this case, you can consult your doctor. 

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