Guru Mantra of ‘Health Ministry’ to avoid heatwave, do not drink tea-coffee for the time being

As long as it is closed inside the house, it is fine, but as soon as it comes out, it becomes such a heat that one can die. It is true that getting out of the house in summer is a challenge in itself. The whole of North India is troubled by the havoc of the heatwave. Dehydration, exhaustion and heatstroke have kept everyone worried. To avoid dehydration, it is very important to stay at home or stay in AC. To avoid this scorching heat, we have to take care of some special things. Recently, the Health Ministry has given some basic mantras to avoid heatwave in view of the problems of the people of North India. By following which you can beat this heat.

According to the ‘Health Ministry’, if people want to avoid heatwave, then they have to completely remove some things from their lifestyle. The government has advised people to avoid alcohol, tea, coffee and carbonated soft drinks. Because it can cause loss of more body fluids. The ministry has advised not to eat high-protein food and stale food.

According to the Health Ministry, if you want to avoid heatwave, then you have to drink a lot of water daily. Because staying hydrated is very important. Due to dehydration, weakness, fatigue and other types of diseases develop in the body.

Along with this, it has also been said that whatever you eat, eat it after thinking.

Avoid cooking for hours this summer

Open the window and door of the house while cooking.

  फैमिली हिस्ट्री बन सकती है लंग्स कैंसर का कारण, नॉन स्मोकर्स को भी खतरा

Avoid drinking alcohol, tea-coffee. Also avoid drinking cold drinks as it is extremely dangerous for your body.

Avoid eating high protein food.

Avoid wearing heavy clothes, wear light and cotton clothes instead

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