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Haj pilgrims die due to high temperature, know how much temperature our body can bear.

High temperature for health: Nowadays the situation is bad because of the extreme heat. The temperature has become very high in many parts of India. Due to this, the problems of Hajj pilgrims in Mecca have also increased. The images circulating on social networks are enough to describe the situation. There were numerous reports that hundreds of pilgrims who had gone to perform the Haj in Saudi Arabia had died. The reason would be extreme heat, high temperatures, lack of shelter or water.

According to reports, the temperature in Mecca reached 51.8 degrees Celsius late last week. It is for this reason that Haj pilgrims face many problems. Indeed, when the temperature becomes unbearable for the body, it can be dangerous. In such a situation, know what to do and what not to do…

What temperature can the body withstand?
According to scientists, our body functions best at a temperature between 36 degrees Celsius and 37.5 degrees Celsius. Temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius can be dangerous in low humidity. As the temperature reaches almost 50 degrees Celsius, there is a risk of death.

Why does heat cause death?

1. Due to excessive heat, the body’s internal temperature rises more than 104°F (40°C). Due to which its cooling system is affected. In such a situation, he needs outside help.
2. High body temperature can damage brain cells. This can cause restlessness, unclear speech, irritability, and seizures. In case of such symptoms, medical help should be sought immediately.
3. Due to cooling of the body, blood circulation in the skin increases, which prevents blood supply to other vital organs. This requires the heart to work harder, which can cause problems.
4. Due to lack of blood circulation to the organs, many organs do not function properly or may fail. The kidneys, liver and muscles may weaken. This may occur due to high temperature.
5. There is a risk of fluid deficiency and dehydration of the body due to excessive sweating. This is why the balance of electrolytes like sodium and potassium can also be disrupted. Because of this, muscle cramps, weakness and heart problems may occur.

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How to take care in the hot summer

1. If a person is very hot and cannot tolerate it, remove their clothes and wet their skin with a damp sponge, cloth or wet hose or even wash them with cold water. You can place ice packs or cold, wet clothing on areas like the neck, armpits, and waist.

2. If the person is conscious and can drink water, give them regular water or a sports drink to replenish their fluids and electrolytes. Avoid caffeine or intoxicants.

3. Keep an eye on body temperature, heart disease and breathing. If there is no reaction or breathing, CPR can be performed.

4. Stay hydrated, drink as much fluid as possible, drink water during exercise or in hot weather.

5. Wear light, loose, light-colored clothing. Avoid going out in the afternoon.

Disclaimer: Some information in news stories is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you should consult the relevant expert.

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