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New Delhi: AI based healthcare startup, AI Biostatsannounced the launch of two service products total RNA sequencing and OmicsWeb Co-Pilot to analyze RNA sequencing data.

“Total RNA Sequencing uses its patent-pending barcode-integrated reverse transcription (BIRT) technology to analyze all types of RNA, while the other tool, OmicsWeb Copilot, helps biologists through broad language models (LLM) to understand user requests and intent to create custom software and scripts for data analysis“, said a statement from Biostate AI.

In addition to analyzing self-uploaded data, Copilot also allows users to utilize and analyze over 1,000 unique RNAseq datasets collected by the Biostate team and is offered completely free of charge to academic and non-profit users and researchers, he added.

Commenting on the launch, David Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Biostate AI, said: “Biostate AI has developed enabling technologies to help collect more biological data at lower costs and is excited to offer these capabilities to academic and industrial partners and collaborators.”

Haomiao Huang, General Partner at Matter Venture Partners, shared his thoughts: “As the supply of preclinical research services shrinks due to geopolitical tensions, affordable CRO services with integrated AI are urgently needed today. At the same time, Biostate’s ultimate vision of individualized AI to predict drug effects would revolutionize medicine and healthcare, potentially opening up a new trillion-dollar market.”

“The AI ​​approach to biotechnology will dramatically reduce the amount of animal testing that pharmaceutical and biotech companies perform in preclinical studies,” said Fred Farina, director of Innovation and Corporate Partnerships at Caltech.

  • Published on Jul 10, 2024 at 1:05 PM IST

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