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Hair has been a very important aspect of one’s personality and this hair fashion is here to stay. The first signs of gray hair always trigger the panic button, which is when one resorts to myriad beauty aids.

I thought the internet is invaluable when it comes to information about anything so why not hair, hairstyles, hair tips. So with the help of Nadeem Ahmed, hairstylist who’s also a computer wizard and entered the Limca Book of Records in 2005 for a candle-lit, blindfolded haircut, we’ve gathered links to websites that will tell you all about your hair. I talk in detail, give you tips for hair. Its care and treatment.

Boss Hair: []

Hairstyling divas combing through the net for hot tips, cool tools, and trendy new hairstyles that girls like us want to wear. Hair Tips, Best Hair Style for everything related to hair. They say they are number 1! They’re hairologists in overdrive, combing through the net for hot tips, cool tools, and trendy new hairstyles that girls love to wear.

Salon Web:

Another great site for hair care, in other words it’s the world’s hair site!! Hair vitamins for better hair styling. Hair care related to short to long hair styles. Whether you have dry hair, frizzy hair, slow growing hair or color treated hair, this is a great place to start. Hair message boards, hair newsletters, and hair care tips are all to be found on SalonWeb. The site also gives you articles on hair loss treatment. It has a hair expert page where you can ask questions and get answers.

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Back of chair:

This site is dedicated to providing the professional salon industry with original content, resources, and education for hairstylists, manicurists, estheticians, massage therapists, and other beauty and wellness professionals. Find out about hair, nails, skin, makeup and fashion, the latest collections and trends from experts.

All about hair []

This is a must have hair site. Hair Tips, Hair Advice, Hair Style Seriously this is the best you will have knowledge about hair, hair chemistry and everything even ingredients, chemical services and chemistry. All About Hair’ solves many of your worries about shampoo, conditioner, styling, dry hair, perm and color.

Hair Boutique:

Its the most consumer oriented hair care and hairstyle site on the web!! This site has everything and everyone from consumer to professional! Shop for hair and beauty care products, tons of articles on hair care, expert’s exclusive column and best hairstyles gallery for latest styles and yes daily hair tips

Web Store:

It is one of the most popular webstore exclusively for beauty products. This site gives you information about hair loss treatment and lets you order the products online and makes sure you check all the safety information before buying the products!! The site also has information on hair loss, hairstyling, treatments, fashion accessories, and natural health and beauty.

Modern Salon: is the official web site of Modern Salon Media, which includes Modern Salon, Salon Today and Process magazines. Modern Salon Media is the professional salon industry’s most complete connection between salon professionals, salon owners and providers of professional salon services and products. you will find a lot of good stuff here

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Nadeem’s Lounge:

This is Nadeem’s website, which helped us write this article! Nice site with more info on this record holder hairstylist, her credentials!

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