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HIV will no longer be an incurable disease, this injection will cure the disease of death.


HIV injection: From now on, AIDS will no longer be an incurable disease. Yes, a cure for HIV has been found. An injection has been discovered which, if administered twice a year, can provide 100% safety against this deadly disease. This is according to a study conducted in South Africa and Uganda.


The name of this injection is “Lencapavir”. After testing it on a large scale, it was found that this injection provided complete protection to girls against HIV. Let us know how important a discovery this is for the medical sector and when it will reach other places…

HIV injection trial
This trial looked at whether injecting “Lencapavir” every 6 months provided better protection against HIV infection than other drugs. Lencapavir and two other drugs were tested on 5,000 people in 3 locations in Uganda and 25 locations in South Africa. This information was provided by South African scientist Linda Gale Baker, who led the clinical trial.


How effective is HIV injection?
Lencapavir (Len LA) protects against this virus by binding to the HIV capsid. The capsid is a protein shell that protects HIV’s genetic material and the enzymes needed for replication. It is applied to the skin every 6 months. Let us tell you that HIV infection is highest among girls and women in Eastern and Southern Africa.

When this injection was tested, it was found that 2,134 women who received it did not get HIV infection, showing that Lencapavir injection is 100 percent effective.

How many HIV positive patients in the world?
Last year, 13 million new HIV infections were detected worldwide, which is far less than the 20 million cases reported in 2010. UNAIDS has set a target to reduce global AIDS cases to less than 5 lakh by 2025. Let us tell you that there should be HIV testing, condoms, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, access to contraceptive drugs for women of reproductive age, and pre-exposure prophylaxis – PEP, but despite these measures, we are still at this stage, but we have not been able to stop new cases of infection. Scientists are now hoping that with the introduction of this injection, the problems can be reduced significantly.

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