How can a child have two fathers? What is the health problem presented in Vicky Kaushal’s film?

Heteropaternal superfecundation: One mother, two fathers! Is it possible for a child? Can a child have two fathers? The term ‘bad news’ nowadays says that good news can be anything. Are you confused? Actually, we are talking about Vicky Kaushal, Trupti Dimri and Amy Virk’s romantic comedy ‘Bad Newz’. Everyone has gone crazy after watching its trailer. It is so explosive that we can’t even wait for the film.

It is shown in the trailer of the movie that a girl is pregnant but she doesn’t know who is the father of her unborn child. He is confused about two people. Now to find out his paternity test begins, from where the twists and turns begin as the paternity test turns out to be a tie and both of them turn out to be fathers. This is the trailer of the movie but can this happen in real life, if yes then know how…

child of two fathers
In the trailer of “Bad Newz”, Trupti Dimri’s character is going to have twins. The person who plays the character of Doctor Baweja in this film says that it is a case of heteropaternal superfecundation. If this happens, it could be one mother and two fathers.

What is heteroparental superfication?
Heteropaternal means different fathers and superfecundation means fertilization of two eggs from different sexual intercourses in the same menstrual cycle. In the movie trailer, Dr. Baweja also explains that “two different eggs were fertilized in the same cycle, due to which you are both fathers.”

When and how does it happen?
According to health experts, when an egg is released from the ovaries and meets a sperm, only one pregnancy occurs, but in some cases, a fertilized egg is divided into two parts, resulting in the development of two children, i.e. twins.

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It can also happen that two eggs are released at the time of ovulation, which is called hyperovulation. This means the release of two or more eggs from the ovaries in the same month. While normally only one egg is released per month. When two different sperm meet in the same month, two children are born.

To what extent is heteropaternal superfecundation normal?
Doctors say that this is a very rare incident for men, but it is not impossible either. In this case, two eggs are released and fertilized by two sperms, but both sperms come from different partners. Thanks to which it is possible.

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