How dangerous is West Nile virus, which is in the hands of Israel, know how much danger there is in India

West Nile disease: Israel, which has been waging a long war against Hamas, is now facing another problem. Where the risk of West Nile disease, a mosquito-borne illness, is increasing. Recently, four people have lost their lives to this infection in Israel. The number of people affected by this disease has reached 48, of whom 36 are hospitalized and the condition of 5 is critical.

Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and Health said the first confirmation of the spread of the mosquito-infected virus occurred at Ben Gurion International Airport. Earlier in May 2024, a person had also died due to West Nile virus in Kerala. 6 cases of this virus were also detected in Thrissur, Malappuram and Kozhikode districts. In such a situation, let us know how dangerous this virus is and how it can be avoided…

what is West Nile virus
West Nile virus is an illness caused by mosquitoes. It is transmitted to humans and animals through the bite of infected Culex mosquitoes. According to the WHO, this virus is a neurological disease that is transmitted from human to human. About 80% of infected people have no symptoms. Most cases of this disease are found in Africa, Europe, North America and Western Asia. This virus is part of the Flavivirus genus and is related to the Japanese encephalitis antigen complex of the Flaviviridae family.

When was West Nile virus first discovered?
According to the WHO, West Nile virus (WNV) was first detected in the West Nile district of Uganda in 1937. This infection, found in a woman, was later identified in crows and Columbiformes in the Nile Delta region. In 1999, this disease began to spread to Israel and Tunisia. The first case in Kerala occurred in 2011.

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How is West Nile virus spread?
This virus is spread by mosquito bites. It affects the brain and spinal cord. Except in humans, it spreads very quickly among horses and causes their death. There is a vaccine against this disease in horses but there is not yet a vaccine for humans. Research is underway on this subject. The risk of contracting this disease is higher due to mosquito bites and contact with animals and birds by feeding them.

symptoms of West Nile virus
In this disease, there is a risk of headaches, brain swelling and stroke. Apart from this, problems like vomiting, fever, body aches, and eye pain occur. Due to this, the immune system begins to weaken. Only one percent of affected people experience severe symptoms. The risk is higher in children or people over 60 years old. People with diabetes, heart and kidney disease are at greater risk.

How to avoid this infection

1. Avoid mosquitoes as much as possible
2. Wear long-sleeved clothing, use insect repellent, avoid outdoor activities, apply mosquito nets and coils.
3. Be careful if you come into contact with animals.
4. Eat only healthy food. Avoid roadside food. Drink water only after boiling it.
5. Clean the house, don’t let water stagnate.

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