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How growing lavender to cope with stress turns into something more

CAZENOVIA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Vibrant shades of purple spread across the fields of Farmstead 1868 for its first-ever lavender festival.

For as long as Monica Cody can remember, the color purple has spoken to her and calmed her, not knowing that this shade would be the first clue to her future.

“I feel so drawn to it. It was the first crayon out of the box, the best smelling crayon. I think color relaxes us and does so many things, like music and art, that I can’t really explain it,” said Monic Cody, founder of Farmstead 1968.

Knowing Monica’s connection to the color purple, her husband Cole listened to her idea and made it a reality, committing not only to their marriage but also allowing Monica to pursue her passion.

“We help each other out a lot. I gave up my career so I could be home with our kids and on the farm helping his business grow and now he gives up every little moment he could have working really hard to help me with little things,” Cody said.

Although this Lavender Festival is a celebration of both the old and the new, the one thing that will always remain the same is the couple’s love for each other.

“Commit, whether it’s your relationship, the farm, our kids or anything we do, we make a conscious decision to recommit to whatever we’re doing and put our heart, soul and energy into it,” Cody said.

Cody says the root of his success began with his vows.

“Marriage vows are based on love: love is patient, love is kind, love is gentle and love is forgiving,” Cody said. “And that’s really what it’s all about: loving each other and loving yourself.”

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Showing the world that their love is like their lavender, constantly growing with love and support.

To grow lavender like Cody’s, they suggest choosing the right variety, site and soil, while also providing adequate water, weeding and spacing.

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