How many months after birth should you give water to the child, know otherwise the problem will get worse.

Newborn Baby Care Tips: Taking care of a newborn baby is not an easy task. Special care must be taken from sleeping and waking hours to breastfeeding. It is advisable to give breast milk to a newborn baby every two hours. One must be careful about their diet (Newborn Baby Food Tips). Many people start giving water to their baby soon after birth, which can be dangerous. In such a situation, the doctor will tell us today that after how many days after birth, water can be given to the newborn.

How long should you give breast milk to a newborn?
According to the doctor, only breast milk should be given to the child for 6 months after birth. Women who do not receive breast milk may receive formula on doctor’s advice. Their hunger should be satisfied. So that their health remains better.

When should you give a newborn a drink?
According to health experts, the child should not receive water before 6 months after birth. For them, breast milk and formula contain enough water.
Giving water to the baby after breastfeeding can upset the digestive system, which can lead to problems.

Why should a child not be given water for 6 months?
According to doctors, children’s digestive and immune systems continue to develop very rapidly for 6 months. In such a situation, only breast milk is good. It helps children gain weight a lot. When children are given water or juice, their weight may decrease. This can affect their growth.

How many months after birth can babies be fed?
Doctors say that after 6 months after birth, the semi-solid diet should be started gradually for children. Gradually, they should be introduced to other foods. By following this process, the growth of children can be maintained properly.

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