How much is the connection between wisdom teeth and wisdom, know why ‘wisdom teeth’ appear at the end

Wisdom Teeth : We all have 32 teeth in our mouth. Most people have 28 teeth by the time they become adults. When we are 17 to 21 years old, then two new teeth emerge on the top and bottom of the jaws. These teeth are called Wisdom Teeth. They are also considered a sign of wisdom. But is it really so, does wisdom teeth have any connection with intelligence. Let’s know from the dentist…

Wisdom Teeth and Expert Opinion

According to the expert, there is no connection between wisdom teeth and intelligence. It must be called the wisdom tooth because these teeth often come only when they grow up. However, it is not even necessary that everyone gets these teeth. It has been found in the study that only 53% of people have wisdom teeth. It is completely wrong to see it by linking it with intelligence.

reason for wisdom teeth

According to the researcher, when a child is born, at the same time a structure of 32 teeth is formed in it. These are on the top side of the skull. First of all, 20 teeth come in children. This process continues from 21 to 25 years. Wisdom teeth come last. It was also found in a study that about 53 percent of people aged 25 and above have only one false teeth.

Why does it hurt when wisdom teeth come in?

According to health experts, the jaws of humans have become smaller over time. As the human brain grew, the size of the jaws decreased. For this reason, when wisdom teeth come, there is pain. Because of the small size of the jaws, they cannot fit properly.

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Signs of wisdom teeth coming

When there is pain behind the jaws and redness or swelling in the gums.

During the arrival of wisdom teeth, there is pressure on the nerves and pain starts on the face.

What will happen if wisdom teeth are removed

According to experts, there may be a need to extract these teeth in many situations, but this is not necessary every time. Such a situation also occurs only when the teeth are crooked, causing infection in the gums or causing damage to other teeth. However, if these teeth turn out to be normal then they should not be removed. Because if there is a problem in the wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth, then there can be many problems.

Problems caused by wisdom teeth

Pain in teeth and jaws.


gum problems

risk of cyst tumor

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