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Hypertension can be life-threatening because high blood pressure puts not only the heart but also these organs at risk.

High blood pressure : When you visit a doctor, the first thing you should do is check your blood pressure as it helps detect more than half of the diseases. The problem of high blood pressure or hypertension is growing rapidly. WHO estimates that one in four people in India are vulnerable to high blood pressure. In June last year, a study on diabetes conducted by ICMR-India revealed that more than 3 million people in the country suffer from high blood pressure.

Many people think that high blood pressure is dangerous only for the heart (risk of high blood pressure), but it poses a threat to many organs. Let us know which organs are most at risk for high blood pressure…

These organs are at risk in cases of high blood pressure

1. Dangers of the mind
Due to increased blood pressure, there may be a risk of damage to brain cells. Due to excessive increase in blood pressure, brain cells may burst, which can even lead to the death of a person.

2. Eye damage
In diabetic patients, the risk of eye nerve damage also increases due to the problem of high blood pressure. Since diabetic patients already have many problems, the immune system or recovery system becomes weak. Due to high blood pressure, the veins in the eyes of diabetic patients also burst or often stop working properly.

3. Kidney failure may occur
Kidney disease or even kidney failure can occur due to high blood pressure. According to health experts, people with high blood pressure are also at a higher risk of stroke. This stroke can also be fatal in many cases as it can affect blood flow to the brain.

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