If blood flow does not stop after an injury, follow these steps to stop the bleeding.

How to stop bleeding: It is often seen that children get injured while playing, having fun, driving or working, while the elderly get injured, which causes bleeding. Small wounds heal on their own, but if there is a serious injury the bleeding starts and by the time one gets to the hospital there is so much bleeding that there can be anemia in the body.

In such a situation, if there is bleeding long after the injury, how can you stop it at home. Let us walk you through five home remedies that will stop bleeding in a jiffy.

Stop bleeding this way

hold back the wound

If you are bleeding from an injury, take a clean cloth and place it over the injured area and press or tie it with both hands. By doing this, the bleeding stops and the healing process begins soon.

keep this part of the body elevated

If there is an injury in a part of the body that you can lift, such as a hand injury or a leg injury, then you lie down and try to keep that part elevated above the heart. In this way, blood circulation decreases and bleeding stops.

apply ice

If there is bleeding from an injury and the bleeding does not stop, take a piece of ice out of the freezer. Wrap it in a cloth and place it on the wound. You will see that because of the cold, the bleeding will automatically decrease or stop.

The tea bag will stop bleeding

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Yes, if you have children in your home and they get injured every day, keep the used tea bag in the freezer and whenever someone gets injured, immediately take out the tea bag and place it on that area. By doing this, the bleeding stops and acts as an antiseptic that kills bacteria.

use mouthwash

Mouthwash is used in most homes and you can also use it to stop bleeding. In fact, it contains a certain amount of alcohol which contributes to blood clotting. You apply a little mouthwash to the injured area and wash it with cold water, this stops the bleeding.

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