If the tongue gets burnt while eating, then follow these grandmother’s tips, you will get instant relief

Burnt Tongue : The tongue is a very delicate organ. This is the reason why whenever the tongue is cut or burnt, the pain is also severe. Many times the tongue suddenly gets burnt while eating or drinking hot things. Burnt tongue bothers a lot. In such a situation, whenever your tongue burns, you can get immediate relief by trying grandmother’s remedies. Then what is the delay, let us know the home remedies for burning tongue (Burnt Tongue Home Remedies)…

suck ice or ice cream

If the tongue burns while eating hot things, then suck an ice piece or ice cream. This can give instant relief to the burnt tongue. Take care that the ice does not stick to the tongue.

drink something cold

Drink cold water immediately after burning the tongue. Cold drink gives instant relief to a burnt tongue. But one thing should be kept in mind that one should keep drinking something or the other throughout the day. Even if it is cold water.

use salt water

Due to being sensitive after burning the tongue, it can come in contact with bacteria. This can spread infection in the tongue. Whenever this happens, you rinse with salt water. You will get relief in no time.

Will get relief from honey or sugar

If your tongue is burnt then you can consume honey or sugar. Antibacterial properties are found in honey, so by applying it on the tongue, the risk of infection goes away. Not only this, it also gives relief from pain.

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eat cold things

After burning the tongue, you should eat cold things. You can give instant relief to a burnt tongue by eating curd, ice cream or cake. That’s why whenever your tongue burns, try these home remedies.

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