If there is a problem with stomach swelling during menopause, get it treated immediately.

The problem of belly swelling is especially felt in women during menopause. Women experience many hormonal changes in their body during menopause, which increases the problem of gas formation in the stomach.


During menopause, every woman remains under a lot of stress, which can be very dangerous for her. But there are other women who, as always, take on the responsibilities of home and office and stay fit. The main reason for this is a balanced diet and exercise.


Many types of changes are seen in women during menopause, such as natural irritability, breathing problems, excessive sweating, and rapid heart rate.





Symptoms of abdominal swelling during menopause



  • sudden weight gain


  • stomach swelling


  • gas problem


  • Stomach ache after eating


  • belching


  • flatulence


  • insomnia problem






during menopause Due to stomach swelling




  • Stomach swelling during menopause is caused by hormonal changes in women. During this period, the estrogen level in women begins to decrease, leading to gas and other stomach problems.


  • The main cause of abdominal swelling during menopause is poor lifestyle. In some women, belly swelling during menopause may also be due to pregnancy.


  • Apart from this, certain health conditions like diabetes and stomach problems can also be responsible for stomach bloating.





during menopause treatment of stomach swelling




  • Through hormone replacement therapy, hormone levels in the body can be balanced during menopause.


  • This problem can be avoided by changing your lifestyle.
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  • By exercising regularly and changing your eating habits, you can get rid of stomach bloating during menopause.


  • Grapes, curd, banana, peanut butter and herbal teas reduce the gas problem and relieve stomach bloating.




menopause (How to Reduce Belly Fat After Menopause





  • To reduce belly fat, you can consume avocado, olives, salmon and coconut oil.


  • A study published in the International Journal of Obesity showed that eating 28 grams of salmon three times a week for 1 month can reduce weight by more than 1 kg.


  • Apple cider vinegar contains acidic acid proteins, which help in speeding up the metabolism of our body and also reduces belly fat.


  • Green smoothie can also be helpful in reducing belly fat.


Symptoms of inflammation in the uterus


  • weak abdominal muscles


  • back pain, fever


  • stomach aches, gas and constipation


  • vaginal itching or burning


  • complaining of pain during sex


  • frequent urination


  • loose movements, vomiting





symptoms of early menopause



  • reduced periods


  • breast tenderness


  • Headache


  • low libido


  • muscle pain


  • urinary tract infection problem


  • suffering from hair loss


  • increased heart rate


  • have difficulty concentrating





during menopause stomach swelling home remedies to prevent




  • After menopause, a woman should eat foods rich in vitamins “C”, “D”, “E” and calcium, including fruits, vegetables and dried fruits.


  • Adding a spoon of carrot seeds in cow’s milk, boiling it and drinking it is very beneficial in menopause.
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  • Fruit juices should be consumed in large quantities during menopause. Sugar and carrot juice are also very beneficial.


  • If a postmenopausal woman suffers from constipation, she should apply wet earth to her stomach.


  • Drinking milk mixed with sesame seeds also offers more benefits during menopause.


  • Consumption of large quantities of food, flour, chilies, spices and sugar products should be minimized.


  • Exercise daily.


  • Stomach bloating during menopause can be reduced by doing yoga regularly, like pranayama, yogamudrasana, meditation and yoga nidra, etc.


If you also have a problem with stomach swelling during menopause, consult a doctor immediately before taking any remedy.




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