If these symptoms appear on the body during menstruation, do not ignore them completely.

During menstruation, women start facing many body problems. During this time, the pain starts from the lower abdomen to the waist. At the same time, some women also have problems with mood swings and bloating.

These are all symptoms that women often experience during their periods. But sometimes, some problems arise that are not normal at all. If you pay attention to them in time, you can easily avoid these problems.

Don’t ignore these symptoms during your period, even by mistake

To have a lot of pain: If a woman feels severe pain in the lower part of her period. Such pain that it is very difficult to bear. You definitely need to pay attention to this. Because this can increase the risk of hormonal imbalance. This increases the risk of serious illnesses like cancer. In such a situation, you might feel pain every 5 minutes. These things can bother you until your period ends.

have heavy bleeding: If you have very heavy bleeding during your period which is not normal at all. If you have to change pads every hour. Then don’t ignore it at all. Because it indicates an infection or cancerous growth in your uterus. So it is very important to identify these problems early.

Having a blood clot: If there is excessive bleeding during periods and blood clots come out, this is not normal at all. Because it can cause problems like PCOS, thyroid and adenomyosis. If the blood clot is larger than the size of a coin, seek medical attention immediately as it is very important to receive treatment on time.

  तो इस वजह से युवाओं में बढ़ रहा स्ट्रोक का खतरा, स्टडी में चौंकाने वाला खुलासा

Severe lower back pain: If you experience severe lower back pain during your period, you should pay special attention to it. It can also occur due to uterine contractions, pelvic congestion, or poor sitting posture.

Digestion-related problems during menstruation: Women can also experience digestive issues during their periods. Apart from this, if you experience problems while passing stools, it is not normal. These could be the first signs of an increase in the hormone progesterone, endometriosis or any progressive disease.

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