If you don’t have asthma… these signs may have to be ignored

In normal life, we make the mistake of ignoring many diseases. Asthma is one such disease. After this happens, there is swelling in the oxygen pipe of the human throat and there is difficulty in breathing. Its problem increases even more in winter. Because there are many layers of fluids to protect the lungs.

In winter, cold and dry air starts breaking it due to which the oxygen pipe becomes swollen and there is difficulty in breathing. Due to increasing pollution along with winter, the cases of asthma have started coming to the fore even more. Let us know about some of the early symptoms of asthma, which can be overwhelming for you to ignore.

early symptoms of asthma

coughing frequently

In this way, cough can be a problem of common cold, but if you cough continuously and for a long time, then you should contact the doctor immediately. You may have asthma. 

whistling sound while breathing

Breathing problem is a serious problem, it should not be ignored at all. If you hear a whistling sound or any strange sound while breathing, then you should contact the doctor immediately. This could be a sign of asthma.


Sometimes breathing starts due to excessive walking or due to excessive fatigue and hard work, but if you are not tired and your breath is starting to swell even after walking a little, then it can be the beginning of asthma. You should contact your doctor immediately otherwise your problem may increase further.

chest tightness

Some people have problems related to the heart, it is common for them to have tightness in the chest. But if you do not have any such problem and still you are suffering from problems like stiffness, then consider it as a symptom of asthma and contact your doctor.

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pay attention to these things too

The problem of asthma becomes more serious at night and in the morning. That is, problems like shortness of breath, frequent cough, chest tightness increase. One may face difficulty in breathing during cold. If something like this is happening to you too, then contact your doctor and get it treated soon.

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