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If you eat desi ghee this way cholesterol level will definitely increase, learn the right method from Sadhguru.

Eating desi ghee is very beneficial for health. It contains saturated fats, so its consumption poses no risk to the heart. But if you eat it correctly, there is no danger for the body and heart. Desi ghee is the lifeblood of Indian cuisine. In simple words, the food of us Indians is incomplete without ghee.

We use ghee in several ways

We have been using ghee in our food for centuries. From enhancing the taste of food to making up for the lack of nutrients and proteins in the body, we use a lot of ghee in Indian cuisine. From roti, dal and curry to laddu and halwa, we add a lot of ghee.

Good way to use ghee

According to reports in the ‘Times of India’, Sadhguru explained how to eat desi ghee. According to Sadhguru, eating ghee with carbs or ghee or sugar turns it into fat. And then it’s not good for your health. But if you eat ghee mixed with hot water, it improves your digestive system. It also lubricates the stomach and is good for a healthy digestive system.

We love the taste of ghee that melts in the mouth and makes even ordinary foods extraordinary. But there is one thing about it: ghee definitely makes our food delicious. But its real importance goes way beyond taste. The hidden power in ghee increases its ability to nourish the body.

Why is it beneficial to eat ghee in the morning?

When you wake up in the morning after resting all night. At this time the stomach is empty. Therefore, eating ghee on an empty stomach in the morning nourishes the digestive system. A spoonful of ghee is good on an empty stomach.

Why should we eat 1 spoon of ghee on an empty stomach?

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The appetite for digesting ghee may be slightly different in different people. But the truth is that when it comes to eating ghee, the most important thing we need is moderation.

Eating a spoonful of desi cow ghee on an empty stomach is a great start to the day and also provides many health benefits.

promote digestion

Ghee is very good for your digestive system. Naturally cures constipation. Eating ghee in the morning speeds up the metabolism. Weight also remains under control.

Disclaimer: Some information given in the news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you must consult the concerned expert.

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