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If you love curd, do not make this mistake, otherwise your health will deteriorate, these problems will surround you.


Bad Curd Combinations : Eating curd is very beneficial for health. Curd is like nectar for the stomach. It is abundant in proteins, calcium and probiotics. Curd lovers consume it daily. Some people like to eat curd by mixing different things. However, there are some things that should not be eaten with curd, otherwise many problems can arise. Let us know what not to eat with curd…


What not to eat with curd

1. Citrus fruits
Curd is already sour, so it should not be eaten with sour fruits. Things like lemon, orange, grapes, raw mango should not be mixed with curd, otherwise digestive problems may arise. It can also cause acidity and stomach pain.


2. Onion
Onion should never be eaten with curd. One should stay away from it as much as possible, otherwise digestion may be impaired. This can cause problems like heartburn and gas.

3. Mango
The combination of curd and mango is also considered very bad. It is not good for health. Eating mango and cottage cheese together can create toxins in the body. This can lead to digestion problems and also skin problems.

4. Soft-boiled eggs
Hard-boiled eggs should never be eaten with curd. Both are good sources of protein. However, eating them together can put a strain on the digestive system and cause problems like heaviness and gas in the stomach.

5. Fish
Eating fish with curd can be harmful. It is said in Ayurveda that the effects of fish and curd are opposite, which can disrupt the balance of the body and cause skin allergies, rashes or other problems.

  If the child does not pay attention to things, be careful, it may be an illness.

When should you not eat curd?
In Ayurveda it is said that one should never eat curd in the evening. Otherwise, the problem of Kapha dosha increases. Due to which a cold, cough or phlegm may form. One should try to avoid this.

Disclaimer: Some information given in the news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you must consult the concerned expert.

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