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If you want to stay healthy and have less time, then do these little things… – GoMedii


It is very important for us to stay healthy. It is said that happiness lies only in a healthy body. And to have a healthy body, one must pay close attention to regular exercise, proper diet and cleanliness. But we are not able to do all this in our busy life. We are so time-poor that even if we want to, we are not able to do yoga, exercise, or establish a proper diet. If you are also very busy, don’t panic now, we offer you some little tips and tricks that will help you stay healthy and fit.






  • A spoonful of honey should be mixed with water and drunk two to four times a day. Of this Arterial pressure (Blood pressure) remains under control.


  • Squeeze a lemon into a glass of water and drink it in the morning. stomach while drinking eyes The light remains good.


  • tan skin but to improve Coconut Water, Raw milk, cucumbers and Lemon Mix aloe vera juice and sandalwood powder and apply it on the body before bathing.


  • Apply olive oil to your nails daily and massage lightly. This will help you Hand Will look clean and beautiful.


  • wall do Crush and apply to face. Wash off with cold water after half an hour.


  • To remove smallpox stains or pimples, mix 2 almond powders, 2 spoons of milk and 1 spoon of orange peel paste and rub it.


  • on your lips every day Beet Apply the juice and cool the lips after half an hour. Water Clean it with it.
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  • Use neem oil to prevent hair fall and make it thick.


  • Use a better antibacterial soap while bathing.


  • wet hairy Do not comb your hair even by mistake and use a thick-toothed comb to detangle the hair.


  • Make sure to apply sunscreen before going out. Pack of Neem mixed with rose water faces Apply to. Wash after drying.


  • Do or have a body massage done at least twice a week. he blood Increases circulation and provides energy to the body.


  • Mix one spoon of desi ghee and three spoons of honey in a glass of milk and drink it daily before sleeping at night. Of this Body Will stay healthy.



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