If you want to stay healthy avoid drinking raw milk, know the benefits of drinking boiled milk.

Side effects of raw milk : Milk is considered a nutritional treasure. It contains calcium, phosphorus, protein and many types of minerals. Drinking milk strengthens bones and muscles. Milk is easy to digest and can therefore be drunk at any time. You can drink milk both cold and hot. However, many people like to drink raw milk.

However, this can have many disadvantages. Many side effects can be seen from drinking milk without boiling it (Side Effects of Raw Milk). In such a situation, let us know why drinking raw milk is prohibited.

why milk is boiled
After boiling milk, its nutrition changes. After boiling, the minerals and vitamins present in the milk are broken down. This makes milk easier to digest. Boiling also destroys the bacteria present in milk, which is why it is advisable to drink milk only after boiling it. Many experts say that milk should always be used only after boiling.

How long should you boil milk?
A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information indicates that raw cow’s milk should always be boiled at a temperature of 95°C and consumed. Thanks to this, the bacteria present can be completely destroyed. This significantly reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses and this milk is also properly absorbed by the body.

What are the benefits of boiling milk?
Carbohydrates called lactose are found in milk. When milk boils, the lactose begins to break down and turns into a sugar called lactulose. Thanks to this sugar, boiled milk is much easier to digest than raw milk. The milk must therefore be boiled and not raw.

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