If you want to travel tension free during periods then these 5 tips will come in handy

Tips To Travel During Periods: The days of periods are very difficult. Along with pain, heavy bleeding and weakness, mood swings also persist. Apart from this, special care has to be taken of hygiene during this time. In such a situation, if you are traveling somewhere or are going to travel on this date, then it can be a bit difficult for you. Due to periods, the fun of your journey can be gritty. But don’t worry, you do not need to cancel your trip. We are telling you some tips. If you travel by following these tips, then your journey will be very pleasant, safe and tension free… Let us know what are those special tips.

Do keep an emergency kitIf you are traveling during periods, then you must keep an emergency kit with you, in which you must keep pads, toilet paper, tampons, wet wipes, disposal bags. If possible, always carry extra undergarments.

hot bag If the dates of traveling and periods are clashing, then you may have problems. If you have pain during periods, then definitely keep a hot bag, heating pad with you. So that even if cramps arise, you can relax yourself with the help of these things.

comfortable clothes Wear comfortable clothes while traveling so that you can travel comfortably. Do not wear tight or light colored clothes that make you feel uncomfortable on the way.

HygieneDo not ignore hygiene at all while traveling. You kept changing pads from time to time. Keep cleaning the intimate area with the help of tissue paper or wet wipes.

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attention to food If you are traveling during periods, then try to always keep water and juice with you. Because you may feel weak during periods. In such a situation, by drinking water and with the help of juice, you will be able to keep yourself energetic. Apart from this, you should also keep chocolate seeds nuts in your bag.

Pain killer- If you feel a lot of pain, then keep the pain killer prescribed by your doctor with you. Eat them when you feel pain.

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