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In what foods are artificial colors used? It is very dangerous for children


Artificial food colors Nowadays, there are a lot of changes in our eating habits. Many colorful foods attract us. We also consume them, without thinking about the effects they can have on our health. The use of many colorful foods has increased in daily life. In which many types of artificial colors are added, which have dangerous effects on our health (Artificial Food Color Side Effects).


They leave their effect on our body like a slow poison. These colors are also widely used in products like caramels, jellies, gems, etc., loved by children, which is harmful to their health. In such a situation, let us know what effect artificial colors have on children and our health, in what foods these colors are found…

Side effects of artificial food colors


1. Cancer risk
When artificial food colors reach our body in large quantities, they increase the risk of cancer. In fact, benzene, i.e. carcinogen, is found in elements used in the manufacture of artificial food colors, which is very dangerous. Many chemicals are also added to these food colors, which can cause many deadly diseases. Many researches have claimed that prolonged consumption of artificial food colors creates a risk of cancer.

2. Allergies May Increase
Excessive consumption of artificial food colors can also cause allergies in children. This can cause shortness of breath, stomach pain, cramping, rash, and swelling. This can make many other problems in children worse.

3. Mental problem
If you or your child consume too many products in which artificial food colors have been used, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may also occur. This condition can lead to problems such as lack of concentration and depression. In such a situation, one should stay away from these foods, as well as their children.

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Artificial colors are used in these foods
candy, chips, chewing gum
pickles, ready-to-use juices
sweet curd
energy bar
Oatmeal, popcorn, white bread
Vinaigrette, Vanilla Ice Cream
balsamic vinegar
Cola and ready-made drinks

Artificial colors are not used in these things
Milk, plain curd, cheese, eggs
Unflavored almonds, cashews, walnuts, sunflower seeds
All fresh fruits and vegetables
grains like oats, brown rice, quinoa, barley
Black beans, chickpeas, white beans, lentils, red beans

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