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‘Inside Out 2’ star Tony Hale shares ‘game changer’ method for anxiety

‘Inside Out 2’ Star Tony Hale Shares ‘Revolutionary’ Method for Anxiety

Tony Hale revealed a transformative method he uses to deal with anxiety.

In an interview with PEOPLEHale shared a ‘revolutionary’ method for coping with anxiety, emphasizing the importance of staying present.

Like the voice of fear in Inside out 2, Hale has developed a deeper understanding of anxiety, particularly her own struggles with “What if?” mindset.

He said: “It’s very easy to fall into anxiety,” adding: “It’s very easy for me to live in the ‘What if?’ It takes work, which is really ironic because we’re in the present. It takes work to be present! So that’s a lot of what I’ve had to practice.”

“I have to activate all five senses too, because when I find myself living in a different narrative of ‘What could happen?’, ‘Grab the table. What are you touching? What are you seeing? What are you tasting? What are you feeling?’ Are you listening?'” Hale added.

Reflecting on his experiences, including his performance in the play. Wake up wake upWhere anxiety often took over before each show, Hale shared how he learned to accept anxiety instead of fighting it.

“Practicing compassion, instead of trying to cut, was a turning point for me,” she said.

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