International Panic Day 2024: 5 ways to reduce stress to have a healthier life

International Panic Day 2024: International Panic Day was created for a fun holiday to sit back, relax and get rid of the panic we feel over the smallest things in our daily lives. However, there is nothing fun about panic. Panic, stress and anxiety are serious problems faced by millions of people around the world. It can happen for several reasons. From personal changes, to professional deadlines, to emotional ones. trauma, panic can arise from anything in life. Panic must be addressed effectively to avoid suffering from stress and anxiety. Every year, June 18 is celebrated as International Panic Day. However, International Panic Day should not be confused with International Picnic Day, which is also celebrated on the same day.

Panic, stress and anxiety are serious problems faced by millions of people around the world. (Unsplash)
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As we prepare to celebrate International Panic Day this year, here are some ways we can reduce stress and tackle panic effectively:

Practice slow breathing:

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When we breathe slowly and deeply, the nervous system begins to feel safe and relaxed. This can effectively reduce panic in the body and make us feel safe and happy. We should practice deep breathing techniques every day.


When we have racing thoughts in our minds and feel like we have nothing under control, we should try to focus on the moment. Practicing yoga, meditation and other mindfulness techniques helps us feel calm, patient and relaxed. This further helps us find ways to deal with panic in healthy ways.

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Take time to relax:

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When we are exposed to stressful situations, strict deadlines, and a daily routine, it is natural for the body to panic. We should take some time off to rejuvenate ourselves. We can go on a trip, change our diet with a sumptuous meal or sit on the beach and let nature heal us.

Connect with people:

When we surround ourselves with positive people, we automatically feel happier and more positive. We should carefully choose those we want to surround ourselves with and let them guide us.

Seek professional help:

Panic is a stress response from the body. It originates when the nervous system feels threatened. We may consider seeking professional help to understand how we should approach panic and stress.

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