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Is GST applicable on sanitary pads in India? Read what rules and regulations have been made by the Government of India regarding this.

Any girl has to go through some difficulties during periods. During this, the girl takes maximum care of hygiene. For this she uses sanitary pads or tampons. But there are some girls who are not that much aware about these things and are not able to buy these expensive products. The ‘World Bank’ has recently published a research in which it has been found that 500 million women or girls are unable to buy period products even today. The main reason for this is inflation.

Periods cost every girl 500

Periods products are usually expensive because sanitary pad brand products are available in India from 200 to 300 rupees. That is, if a woman or a girl has to take care of periods and her hygiene, then she will have to spend Rs 500 every month on this.

Government is taking various steps

There are many girls who are going through this periods poverty. Such cases are being seen more in the rural areas of India. However, the Government of India has also taken special steps to ensure that women take special care of hygiene during periods.

What is Period Tax?

Tampon tax or period tax is VAT or GST levied during periods. Because of which their prices have increased. Due to which the poor and backward classes are not able to buy it. The tampon tax makes buying period products too expensive for many girls or women around the world. Because of which these women and girls have to reduce other facilities.

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In the year 2018, the Government of India has decided to completely abolish the Tampon Tax. Along with this, the 12 percent tax imposed on all kinds of period products and sanitary pads has been removed.

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