Is hair cloning the right solution for hair loss?

Over the years, scientists have succeeded in cloning many animals such as dogs, cats, sheep and currently our hair. It is certainly considered to be one of the best solutions for your hair fall. Remember that this procedure cannot transplant hair from one place to another. This type of treatment is generally considered to be very expensive as compared to any other hair treatment. In this type of hair transplant, hair follicles are moved from one area of ​​the scalp to another. Doctors use certain points that are generally good for new hair to grow. However, in this method of hair growth, doctors only use the cells that are responsible for new hair growth.

Next, these cells are actually transplanted into an area where there is no hair. It is a way to grow good and healthy hair which is in large numbers. So with this method, you can definitely transplant about thousands of hair cells on your scalp area. So if you are suffering from baldness then this is definitely one of the best options to retain your lost hair. In this method, the doctor can also use hair cells from another person’s head and graft it onto the other person’s head.

This method is generally used in some of the most extreme cases. There is a lot of potential in this method and there are many people who have used this type of treatment to maintain the lost hair naturally. However, even with this type of treatment, a number of issues need to be resolved before treatment can be given to the patient. Doctors always have to make sure they transplant the follicles at the right angle for the hair to grow naturally.

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