Is it right or wrong to tie clothes when you have a headache? What is the logic behind this… Learn

If pain starts increasing in any part of the body, then one takes the help of painkiller. Modern lifestyle, run-of-the-mill lifestyle, along with fatigue, there are many reasons when severe headache starts. If the headache starts increasing beyond limits, then we resort to medicine, tea or coffee. But there is another method which people often use to reduce headache. That is tying a cloth on the head. Now the question arises whether it is right to tie a cloth on the head? What is the logic behind tying a cloth on the head? Some people say that tying cloth gives instant relief.

Due to tying cloth, there is relief from firecrackers.

According to doctors, tying a cloth around the head gives instant relief because after tying the cloth, the head is tightened from all sides. Due to which pressure starts to be felt. Because of this, the flow of blood circulation in the scalp decreases. There is some relief in headache. It gives a lot of relief in case of swelling and mild pain in the head. Some people also resort to cold bandage in case of headache.

You need to know about the reason behind tying a cloth on the head, why the headache is happening. Like migraine, there is a headache in different ways. Migraine pain is light and sound. Migraine pain is always in one half of the head. If you are struggling with this kind of pain, then turn off the light and do not listen to any song in loud voice. Also sleep after dark.

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must drink caffeine

According to health experts, caffeine gives instant relief in headache. That’s why most people drink tea-coffee when they have a headache. But there are some people who like to drink cold drinks. Many times it happens that due to stress and tension, the brain gets heated.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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