Is olive oil real or fake? Follow this trick and find out immediately

It is said that nowadays is the era of adulteration. Everything is getting mixed up. Today we will talk about the olive oil available in the market. Olive oil is not only good for health but it is very beneficial for the massage of children. In today’s time, most people are cooking in olive oil, so they should know whether they are cooking in real or fake olive oil?

The test of real olive oil is something like this Happens

You can also find out by adopting this trick to find out the purity of olive oil. First of all, take olive oil and put it on your tongue, you can find out from its test whether it is real or fake. The taste of real olive oil is bitter.

You can find out by smell

You can find out whether the oil is real or fake by smelling it. There is also another method, using which you can easily differentiate between real and fake. For this, first put oil in a small glass and cover it with your hand. Try rubbing the glass with the other hand and when the glass becomes slightly warm, smell it. If vegetable, fruit or sour smell does not come from the oil, then understand that the oil is fake. Fake oil does not smell in any way. 

Virgin olive oil contains monounsaturated fats. Which become thick after keeping in the fridge. To check this, take a jar and put a tablespoon of oil in it. Keep it in the fridge for 24 hours. If the oil has solidified then it is not virgin olive oil. 

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