Is there brick powder mixed in with your red pepper powder? How to tell real from fake in 2 minutes

Nowadays, there is a lot of adulteration of food products. In such a situation, the question arises: if you use red chili pepper, how safe is it for health? You will also know if the red chili powder you are using contains any adulteration?

For information, let us know that to increase the weight of packaged spices, sawdust, brick powder and many colorings are added. These elements can enter the stomach and cause many dangerous diseases. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) said that due to adulterated spices, we will tell you some special tricks using which you can differentiate real and fake red chillies in 5 seconds.

The question arises: why is a spice powder adulterated?

In fact, the spice powder is adulterated to make its quantity appear more. And its color also appears brighter. Therefore, brick powder, salt powder or talcum powder are mixed with chili powder.

How to Check Real or Fake Chili Powder

Brick powder is mixed with chili powder. Which is red in color. The color and texture of this powder is similar to that of chili pepper. This is why it is often mixed. For your information, let us tell you that this is very dangerous. If someone eats it daily, it can cause serious harm to the body.

How to check true and false

Take a glass of water and add a spoonful of powder to it. Rub the powder dissolved in water after a while.

If a gritty feeling is felt after rubbing, brick or sand is mixed into it.

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If it seems smooth, soapstone is mixed into it.

How to check if artificial color is mixed in masala or not

Take a glass of water and sprinkle some chili powder in it.

If a colored streak is visible, the powder is adulterated.

Red chili powder is often soluble in water.

To find out if the starch is mixed with red chili powder, add a few drops of tincture of iodine to it.

If it is blue in color, starch is mixed in it.

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