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It is said that if you keep an onion in your pocket, you will not be able to touch it. Know how correct this remedy is.

Summer Health Tips : There is tremendous heat in many places in India. The mercury is rising continuously and the attitude of the sun is intact. By the afternoon, the havoc of heat wave is being seen. The health department is also alerting about heat wave. Heat stroke is the biggest danger in the scorching heat, so it needs to be avoided the most. Some people believe that keeping onion in the pocket in summer does not cause heat stroke. But, can keeping onions in pocket really save you from heat stroke? Let’s know…

how right is it to keep onion in pocket

Often people keep onion in their pocket before going out in summer, they believe that it does not cause heat stroke. Doctors say it completely wrong. He says that the weather is changing in the last few days. Strong heat is going on and the temperature remains above 40. In such a situation, everyone should stay safe from heat stroke. Going out in the sun with onions in your pocket does not cause heat stroke, this is just a misconception. There is no scientific proof of this yet.

what does ayurveda say

According to Ayurveda, a chemical called quercetin is found in onions, which works to block histamine. Its role is to protect from heat stroke. Eating onions can help protect against heat stroke or heatstroke. According to Ayurvedic doctors, eating onions with cumin powder and honey can prevent heat stroke. Make powder by roasting cumin and onion and eat it mixed with honey. Just keeping onions in the pocket does not save from heat stroke.

  वजन घटाने के लिए हरा मटर का इन तरीकों से करें इस्तेमाल, और भी मिलेंगे कई फायदे

Home remedy to avoid heat stroke

Onion is rich in sodium and potassium. Both are very helpful in dehydration. To avoid heat stroke in summer, one should drink as much water as possible. Make drinking water your habit. At least 3-4 liters of water should be drunk throughout the day.

take care of these things

If you want to avoid sunstroke and heat, then never leave the house on an empty stomach. Wear only white or light clothes. Stay away from dark clothes, because they observe the heat more. Whenever you go out in the sun, keep umbrella, cotton handkerchief, towel with you. Make sure to include fruits and salads in your plate.

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