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Jen Fay Fat Loss Patch Review

Zen Fay Fat Loss Patch is a product sold by MLM company Nexagen USA. About 67% of Americans are currently overweight. I am also included in this. Basically if you are not working out regularly in the gym or on a low carb diet or just on the Standard American Diet (SAD diet), then your chances of gaining more weight will be high.

It would be nice to think that in this modern world you can eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want and just go about your day and everything will be fine. But unfortunately it is not so in today’s time. Most of the foods you buy at the grocery store, and especially the foods you eat at fast food restaurants, are loaded with sodium and carbs. And most people can’t discipline themselves enough to eat low-carb foods at home that will be a big help with weight loss.

So the Jen Fay Fat Loss Patch came along as a solution for the rest of us. There are a lot of products out there that are designed to help you lose weight, and almost none of them work much less meet FDA standards. This weight loss patch underwent placebo controlled, double-blind clinical trials before being released to the public to ensure that the product lived up to its advertising claims.

The Jen Fay Fat Loss Patch is not a magic bullet for weight loss. In fact, this is only one aspect of it. If you are overweight, you should still be on a low-carb diet, and you should still be exercising at the gym at least 3-4 days per week, as well as doing minimal circuit weight training with free weights or Nautilus equipment. Needed Cardiovascular workout like cross trainer or exercise cycle. Use this patch just for that extra push.

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Some of the benefits of this patch are that it is 100% natural, so you won’t be getting anything artificial in your system. There is also no ephedra added. The Jen Fay Fat Loss Patch has been research tested and proven to actually perform on subjects prior to release. This patch can increase your body’s metabolism as well as burn fat as well as lean muscle mass. This product will not only work for weight loss but it will also help you maintain it once you reach your current weight or target weight.

The downside of using the Jen Fay Fat Loss Patch is that it may be problematic to apply this patch to certain areas of your body if you have sensitive skin or areas of your body that react well to this adhesive. Don’t do it. It may take 90 days or more to see the results of this weight loss patch. It is not an overnight deal, it is a real long term solution to lose weight and it is not a magic patch. Depending on the package you get, you can get this plan starting at $199.00 dollars.

Source by Brian Garvin

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