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Karnataka government bans artificial colors in non-vegetarian products, can they cause cancer?

The Karnataka government has banned kebabs, chicken, fish and some vegetarian products in which artificial colors are used. Recently, laboratory tests revealed that the amount of orange-yellow and carmoisine was found to be much higher than the food coloring used in these foods. Which is harmful to human health.

Artificial color increases the risk of serious diseases like cancer

The government has clearly stated that any restaurant, street food stall or any place selling food products is in breach of this law and faces heavy penalties, including imprisonment and a heavy fine. The Karnataka government claims that the foods used in some food products are very harmful to health. As a result, serious illnesses like cancer can also occur.

According to reports in Indian Express, the ‘National Food Quality and Safety Department’ of Karnataka tested 39 different kebab dishes. Of these, it was found in 7 samples that artificial colors were used in large quantities. Especially orange-yellow and carmoisine, these two colors are very dangerous for your health.

Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 and 2011

Under the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 and 2011, it was declared that the use of these food colors was not good for health. Furthermore, in the order issued by the government, it was clarified that those who violate these rules face a prison sentence of 7 years or even life. With a fine of at least Rs 10 lakh. The licenses of stores that do this may also be canceled. Health Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao said packaged food products contain small amounts of tartrazine. Can be used, but its excessive use in restaurant or any hotel, dhaba can be harmful to health.

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Artificial colors are added to food products

Artificial colors are added to cotton candy, sugary candies, cereals, chips, sauces, ice cream and many types of drinks. The most commonly used artificial colors in foods today are Red No. 5 (Erythrosine), Red No. 40 (Allura Red), Yellow No. 5 (Tartrazine), Yellow No. 6 ( sunset yellow), blue number 1 (Brilliant blue) and blue number is 2 (indigo carmine).

Potential cancer

Adding food coloring to foods has been proven to reduce the risk of cancer. But eating too much blue color increases the risk of brain tumor and cancer. Along with this, the risk of thyroid tumor also increases.

Eating certain food colors like blue 1, red 40, yellow 6 can trigger allergies in the body. Yellow 5 food coloring can cause aspirin allergies and asthma. Research has also found that people with chronic hives and swelling have a 52% chance of being allergic to foods mixed with colors.

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