Keep your cell phone such a distance from you while you sleep, know it in time, otherwise you may have to pay for it.

Sleeping with a phone next to your pillow not only has a detrimental effect on mental health but also on physical health. Today through this article we are going to explain in detail what are the side effects of sleeping with the cell phone under the pillow.

There are many side effects of using cell phones. You may know a lot about it, but do you know that keeping cell phone under the pillow while you sleep at night has a very bad effect on health. If you also commit this kind of mistake then be careful otherwise it can cause a lot of problems.

How far away should you keep your cell phone while sleeping?

You must keep your mobile in another room away from where you sleep. Another thing you can do is keep your phone on the other side of the room from where you sleep. You can also keep the phone on the table. If you sleep with your phone on the bed, turn on its airplane mode. It won’t do you much harm. Phones have many dangerous drawbacks.

Disadvantages of sleeping with the phone under the pillow


Sleeping with the phone next to the bed creates a lot of tension and stress. Brain muscles are also damaged by radiation from cell phones.


Because of the phone, one can become vulnerable to stress and anxiety as well as serious illnesses like depression. This is why many mental health problems arise. To protect yourself from these reasons, you should keep the phone away from you.

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quality of sleep

If your phone is in airplane mode, frequent sound notifications on the phone will spoil your sleep quality to a large extent. To sleep well, don’t keep the phone near the pillow.


When you sleep with your phone near your pillow, you can become a victim of cervical cancer.


Sleeping with the phone near the pillow causes migraine problems. The phone has a detrimental effect on overall health.

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