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Medanta Hospital was established in 2009 by renowned Cardiovascular and Cardiothoracic surgeons. The hospital is both NABH and NABL accredited. The Centers of Excellence include the Heart Institute, Institute of Neurosciences, Bone and Joint Institute, Kidney and Urology Institute, Cancer Institute and the Department of Medical Oncology and Hematology.

This cardiology, urology And is the first hospital in the country to offer robotic surgery in gynaecology. Asia’s first Bloodless Bone Marrow Transplant, Awarded as Best Multi-Specialty Hospital by Healthcare Global Enterprises (HCG) in 2010.

  • Established: 2009
  • Location:Delhi NCR, India
  • Recognition: JCI, NAVH, NABL
  • multi-superspeciality
  • Address: CH Bakhtawar Singh Road, Medicity, Islampur Colony, Sector 38, Gurugram, Haryana, India 122001

If a person’s kidney stops working due to some disease, then the doctor gives the option of transferring the kidney of a healthy person to the patient’s body. kidney transplant are called Kidney transplant is considered the best treatment for end stage kidney disease.

How is the patient examined before kidney transplant?

  • Before kidney transplant, a physical examination of the patient is done so that it can be seen that the patient is not suffering from any serious disease and whether the condition of the patient is right for the operation or not.
  • Kidney tissue is examined with the help of a microscope and kidney biopsy Also done. Doing this test helps to see abnormal cells.
  • If a kidney from a deceased donor is to be transplanted, the tissues of both are matched and antibody tests are done in the same way as with a living donor.
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What is the process of kidney transplant?

In the process of kidney transplant, if a living person is the donor, then both the patient and the donor are operated together. After giving anesthesia, a large incision is made in the lower abdomen from the donor. kidney It is removed and thoroughly cleaned with a special type of cold liquid. Then it is placed on the right side of the front part of the abdomen by making an incision under the patient’s abdomen and then the patient’s arteries and veins are connected with the donor’s kidney. The patient’s kidney is not taken out. In very rare cases, it happens that the infected kidney of the patient has to be taken out. After the operation, the incision is closed with surgical threads.

The kidney transplant procedure takes about 3 hours. If the kidney of a living person is attached, then it starts working immediately, but if the kidney of a dead person is attached, then it starts working after a few days or weeks.

What is the cost of kidney transplant in Medanta Hospital?

Urological care is provided using the latest technology, including stone disease, prostate, cancer of the prostate, bladder, and kidney, congenital diseases, infections, male infertility, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, And diseases like kidney failure are also treated with robotic surgery. If you want to know the cost of kidney transplant, then for this you have to consult our doctor first, only then we will tell you the complete cost. Click here to consult a doctor.

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What should the patient do after kidney transplant?

People who have kidney transplant, after that their immunity power becomes very weak. After kidney transplant, doctors give antibiotics to the patient, which are very effective, for which the patient’s immunity should be strong, for which it is most important to pay attention to food and drink, what kind of food should be consumed after kidney transplant –

  • After a kidney transplant, the body needs maximum protein for complete recovery. Therefore, include maximum amount of protein in your diet. Apart from this, patients who have gone through the process of dialysis should increase the amount of protein in their diet very much, so consume more things like milk, pulses.
  • Raw fruits should not be consumed after kidney transplant because they increase the risk of infection and whenever you want to consume fruits, boil them in hot water and eat them so that all the bacteria present in them are destroyed.
  • Do not consume non-veg food at all after kidney transplant. Because it can be very heavy. That’s why its consumption can be harmful.
  • Do not smoke and consume alcohol, it has a worse effect on the kidney. Keep distance from anyone who smokes.
  • It is also beneficial to consume all types of pulses after kidney transplant.

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