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Know the 11 side effects of birth control pills – GoMedii


Nowadays, women have started using birth control pills to avoid unwanted pregnancies. But frequent use of these pills can cause many types of physical problems in women. Therefore, these pills should not be used without consulting the doctor. Along with these benefits, it also harms our body. It causes many side effects like nausea, low libido, weight gain, headache, dizziness, and breast swelling.



Excessive consumption of birth control pills can cause high blood pressure in women. And high blood pressure can cause heart attacks and strokes. There is also a risk of diabetes linked to these pills. Therefore, before taking these pills, take them only after consulting a doctor.






Side effects of birth control pills





disturbed ovulation


To prevent pregnancy, the role of the contraceptive pill is to prevent ovulation and fertilization. Excessive use of this pill can disrupt menstrual and ovulation cycles for one or two months. If you continually take these pills, your period may be a week early or late. Therefore, do not use these pills excessively without consulting the doctor.




headache and dizziness


Some women may suffer from overuse of birth control pills. Headache And there is also a complaint of dizziness, but little by little it heals.




weight gain


present in tablets hormones in women due to weight also begins to increase. Birth control pills contain high amounts of estrogen, which contributes to weight gain. By continually consuming them, the thighs, hips And fat also increases in the breast area.

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tenderness in the breasts


due to excessive consumption of birth control pills breasts There may also be a complaint of slackening. But it is not necessary that all women taking pills have this problem. This problem is caused by hormonal changes. Do not consume salt or caffeine at all while taking birth control pills.




lack of libido


Due to excessive use, some women libido The absence is felt. If you also experience this, you should consult a doctor.




mood swings


Continued use of birth control medications also affects your mood. By taking these birth control pills, you Weakness Can be felt. Many women compulsively use these medications, leading to mental problems. Tension Increase.






Side effects of birth control pills may also appear in the form of nausea or vomiting. But this problem also heals itself after some time. If this happens continuously, you can consult a doctor and take pills of another brand.




menstrual problems


Excessive consumption of these pills also affects the menstruation of women. Only after the second month of starting the pill, some women Period There are complaints of heavy bleeding and severe pain during pregnancy. and from there the reproduction The system is also affected.






to take birth control pills buttons There is an even greater possibility of this happening. Sometimes this problem can even become serious. Therefore, whenever you consult a doctor, ask about the side effects of birth control pills.

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Vaginal infection


Women’s Vagina Problems such as itching, redness, and yeast infections begin to appear. if you Sugar Or if you consume alcohol in excess, this can also pose a risk to you.




blood clots


Due to continuous consumption of birth control pills blood You may have to deal with serious problems like blood clots. This is a very dangerous problem for women who are overweight and over 35 years old. if you Breath It’s getting harder and harder to take, chest pain in or feet If you experience a problem like swelling, your kidney and lungs Blood clots may form. Therefore, before taking these pills, consult a doctor about its side effects.



Considering these reasons, it can be said that excessive consumption of birth control pills is indeed harmful to women. Health It is harmful to women, but women who use birth control pills should still consult a doctor once. So that he can avoid the additional effects caused by these.




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